Historical Landmark

Formerly the Asbury Methodist Church, the building which now houses the Faith Community Church has been a part of a long and colorful history.  In 1778 the first Methodist Society of Salisbury was formed and in the 1790's the present lot on Division St. was purchased.  In 1801, the first Methodist church known as the "Old Red Meeting House" was built on this lot.  The congregation incorporated on August 22, 1807 as "The Methodist Episcopal Church in the vicinity of Salisbury."

In 1856, a white frame church with green shutters was erected but was destroyed in the great Salisbury Fire of 1886.  Following the fire the "Old Red Meeting House" was again used for worship (as well as the Salisbury Post Office) until the present stone church building was completed in 1887.  The name of the congregation was then changed to Asbury Methodist Church.  In 1963 Asbury Methodist Church relocated near Salisbury University and the building was unused until 1966.  

In the late 1950's, five local couples from Salisbury contacted Rev. J. Harvey Dixon about there not being services conducted at the Wicomico County Jail or Pine Bluff State Tubercular Hospital.  Rev. Dixon with this group began to hold services in both these institutions on a weekly basis.  Rev. Dixon had been an ordained minister with the Holiness Christian Church of the United States of America, Inc. since 1953.  But in 1965 he resigned from the Holiness Christian Church and joined with this group to form an independent community church.  This group incorporated as The Faith Community Church of Salisbury, Maryland, Inc. in 1966 and purchased this old landmark church.  Their goal was to restore it as a desirable place to worship and to promote Biblical values in the community.

Interesting Trivia

  • More Methodist bishops have preached here than any other Methodist Church in existence.
  • Bishop Francis Asbury preached here in 1805 and again in 1810.
  • The "Old Red Meeting House" was built 18 years before a stove was installed.
  • A tombstone in the graveyard is that of Sallie Brewington, daughter of one of the incorporators.  She died on her wedding day. The inscription reads, "My Sallie, the Bride of Christ."